PulStar Computer Spine Analysis & Gentle Adjustment Technology
Computerized Chiropractic Adjustments without the “Cracking or Popping”

Impulse Adjusting Alpharetta GAComputerized chiropractic adjusting at Hudec Chiropractic Center offers an advanced assessment of each vertebra before and after treatment. Our patients regard this treatment therapy as convenient & gentle as well as highly effective in treating painful conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, whiplash, pinched nerves, herniated discs, numbness, and headaches. The therapy is also extremely useful in the treatment of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and other foot pain and shoulder problems.

How the PulStar Device Works

The PulStar instrument consists of a handheld device that is used to analyze and adjust our patients’ spinal fixations and misalignments. As Dr. Hudec directs the tool gently down the spinal column, it evaluates areas of the spine that are not moving correctly. The system then provides a visual report of the current status of the spinal joints and their motion.

After the initial evaluation period, Dr. Hudec uses the PulStar instrument to deliver gentle and precise computer controlled impulses to the areas that need correction. As the adjustments are delivered, the PulStar instrument are analyzing the changes to ensure maximum benefit is delivered.

Many of our patients report that computerized adjustments create a sense of calm and well-being in addition to relieving pain.  A sensation of light tapping on the part of the spine treated is common.

PulStar Utilizes State-of-the-Art Technology to Provide Maximum Results

PulStar Adjustment Technology Alpharetta GAThe PulStar is safe and effective for all ages from infants to seniors because it uses precise computer controlled gentle impulses. No strong or heavy forces or twisting is required to produce the desired results of treatment.

The piezoelectric sensor in the Pulstar instrument responds and registers information faster than the body’s ability to react. Therefore, a precise and accurate picture of the extent of rigidity or fluidity of each vertebra is reflected and graphed on a computer screen.

A light force is introduced into the vertebra to check motion is reflected back to the piezoelectric sensor  which measures the reflective force, sending it to the computer for interpretation all before the muscles can respond. This is the same technology and same type of instrument that NASA and other engineers have used in the space program in order to evaluate the integrity of the ceramic cooling tiles on the outside of the space shuttle. The aviation industry, as well as many engineers and health related professions have used this technology in order to test and generate measurable current in a wide range of research.  Piezo Technology has been pioneering ultrasonic transducer and sensor technology for critical specialty applications for a century and its technology is found in hundreds of products requiring precision measurements.

Dr. Hudec is now able to use this highly sophisticated technology applied to the human body in order to determine proper function and safe treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will the PulStar Analysis & Treatment Hurt?

If you are in extreme pain, almost any intervention may cause some temporary discomfort. However, most of our patients find both analysis and treatment with the PulStar produces a pleasant sensation and many patients prefer the PulStar treatment and analysis to more aggressive, manual adjustments.

What Do the PulStar Computer Graphs Mean?

The PulStar measures the resistance to movement of the spinal joints (or other joints) your chiropractor may test. Joint resistance is displayed as a bar graph with each bar representing a vertebra that has been tested. Dr. Hudec uses the results of the PulStar analysis along with other assessments such as posture, temperature, x-ray, patient history, etc. to decide if and when to adjust your spinal or other joint structures.

What Do PulStar Graphs Mean to a Patient?

In addition to just telling you that you have a problem and that Dr. Hudec is taking care of your problem, the PulStar analysis graphs enables Dr. Hudec to show you accurately why and where the treatment takes place as well as the effects of your treatment (after the treatment is given).

Are There Any Side-Effects with the PulStar Treatment?

The PulStar is very gentle, but in very rare cases people who bruise easily and suffer from capillary fragility may experience very slight bruising or soreness following the Pul-Star treatment. Should this happen to you, please let Dr. Hudec know so that the amount of thrust pressure can be even further reduced on subsequent visits.

Will Using the PulStar Cost More?

The PulStar System is relatively expensive- but Dr. Hudec is dedicated to providing the best care possible and has made the investment in this advanced technology in order to maintain his commitment to your health care. Still, except for a small additional charge for analysis graphing, there is no extra cost to the patient for PulStar treatments.

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