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Non-Surgical Pain Relief – Insurance is Accepted!

LightForce Laser Therapy in Alpharetta, GA: Laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless, low level laser provided by Dr. Hudec. The laser stimulates damaged tissues, promotes natural healing in the body, and provides relief from pain and inflammation. Laser therapy is extremely popular as it provides effective pain relief without the need for surgery or medication.

Conditions Laser Therapy Can Help

• Back and neck pain
• Chronic pain
• Muscle strains and tears
• Sore joints and muscles
• Tendon or ligament injury
• Soft tissue injuries
• Arthritis

• Osteoarthritis
• Nerve pain from disc injuries
• Sports injuries or overuse injuries
• Headaches
• Inflammation or swelling
• Wound healing
• Post-operative care

Laser Therapy Accelerates the Healing Process at Hudec Chiropractic Center

Low level light is applied directly to the problem areas when a patient comes in for a session. The body has a natural reaction to red and near infrared light, so the tissue absorbs the light. This reaction can affect damaged cells and promote their regeneration. Patients will feel the device against their skin during the procedure. It does not create heat, sound or vibration. This makes it completely painless and noninvasive. Dr. Hudec will work with each patient to determine the best treatment plan to manage their pain.

LightForce™ is the preferred laser brand used by professional athletic trainers. LightForce™ is the clear leader in providing the most advanced laser therapy products. Focusing on the therapeutic and pain management markets, LightForce™ offers innovative technology to all who are involved with musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pain.

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